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ABC Glass & Mirror Offers Exciting New Product Line!

Clients throughout the Northern Virginia region are accustomed to beautifully designed, professionally installed glass and mirror from ABC. However, the possibilities have now expanded to include glass enhanced with digital printing.  Alice® Direct-to-Glass Printing technology by GGI allows glass to be decorated on one or both sides with ceramic frit in the particular pattern or design you’ve chosen. Ceramic frit paint is applied to the glass, which is then tempered, a process that permanently adheres the design to the glass. This specialty glass is available for our shower doors/enclosures, glass partitions, glass doors, and glass table tops. Read on to discover the décor options created by digital printing.

Custom Shower Enclosure with Alice® Gridwork Design

Our most popular option is a black gridwork that gives the appearance of window mullions and muntins on the surface of shower glass. When glass with this ceramic frit gridwork is surrounded by black U-channel, it takes on the Crittall style. This fashionable style pays homage to steel framed windows produced for over a century by Crittall Windows of the UK. Digital printing gives normal clear glass this in-vogue mullioned appearance, but the surface remains relatively smooth and easier to clean than glass with actual metal gridwork. Crittall style shower doors, enclosures, and screens are visually striking and they fit right in with today’s hottest decorating styles from grandmillenial to cottagecore to industrial.


More Printed Glass Options

However, glass with ceramic frit printing can take on many different looks and style. One of our lines features “frosty” patterns across the surface of the glass. These “frosty” designs range from geometric patterns to a cracked effect to wavy designs and more. Next, another collection focuses on rock-like designs and layered schemes featuring soothing earth-inspired tones. Several stylized floral patterns are also available. In addition, you can choose from collections that include brightly colored patterns, polka dots, “kaleidescope” inspired designs, wood-like printing, and more. This diversity means that ABC offers printed glass that matches just about any style. For example:

  • Cracked effect for vintage-style rooms

  • Polka dots or stylized florals for a retro vibe

  • Simple geometric designs to meld with a contemporary room

  • Soothing natural colors in a wavy pattern for a home spa or other relaxing space 

Printed Glass Is Ideal for Some Shower Doors

There are a number of reasons you might prefer printed glass for a shower door or enclosure. The first is privacy. Some homeowners love the sleek beauty of a glass shower but want a secluded shower area. Various pattern and design options make the glass more or less see-through, so a customer could choose their ideal style and level of privacy. However, digitally printed glass is also chosen for purely aesthetic reasons. Choose a design that enhances your decorating style and color scheme so that your shower is a beautiful and unique focal point.


Glass Partitions and Doors Are Beautiful with Printed Glass

Glass partitions are added to a space for many reasons. Often, they are chosen because a room is being repurposed and there is a need for a degree of privacy paired with a desire to keep some flow of light and vision between the two spaces. Because of the wide range of colors and designs offered, homeowners will find it easy to pick a pattern that matches their chosen theme and décor mode. Also, different patterns create more or less privacy, so this is another way to tailor the glass screens to your particular needs. In fact, the gridwork design discussed earlier is also a popular choice for room dividers because the Crittall style is trending in all aspects of home décor. 

Glass walls and doors are also frequently used as office dividers in professional settings. Printed glass can be a branding tool; choose colors that match your logo and a style that fits with your business model and ethos. For example, if you sell vintage architectural house parts, a “frosty” cracked effect can give your office a period vibe. 

Glass Table Tops Take on New Impact Thanks to Printed Glass

Glass table tops can be added to existing tables to give the piece a new look or to hide a damaged surface. With ceramic frit on the glass, you can choose to totally hide the old surface below heavily printed glass or to simply adorn the existing surface with a sheet of glass that keeps the original table top partly visible. Printed glass also makes it easy to either maintain or totally change the table’s style, based on your preference. Through your choice of decorated glass, a plain wooden table can take on a modern, retro, or old-fashioned appearance.


To learn more about this exciting new product offering or to set up a free in-home consultation and estimate, call ABC Glass & Mirror at (703)257-7150.



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