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Glass partitions are effective design tools for commercial and residential settings alike.

ABC Glass and Mirror can create custom partitions that not only fit perfectly in your space but address your practical and aesthetic concerns as well.  Whether you’re looking to give employees their own spaces without visually breaking up the room or seeking to create a privacy screen in a family bathroom, ABC can create the partition you need.

The attractive look imparted by frameless glass.

Frameless glass partitions are one of the most popular options we offer. The attractive look imparted by frameless glass can rejuvenate the interior of your business while addressing a practical need for tangible boundaries between different areas. These frame-free partitions can be attached to existing walls or installed as separate floor to ceiling structures. Partial or full walls of glass look great as cubicle walls, privacy screens, bathroom stall dividers, and more. They are functional, easy to clean, and in line with today’s decor trends. Working with ABC, you can choose from a great selection of partitions:

  • Clear glass is available for frameless partitions, and this is ideal for creating a feeling of openness and spaciousness.

  • If increased privacy is the goal, consider colored, acid-etched, or patterned glass.

  • For maximum privacy and a distinctive appearance, we can create partitions made of back-painted glass, which is available in basically any color you can imagine.

Whichever type of glass you choose for your frameless partitions, the relevant areas will be measured and inspected, and the partitions will be custom designed for your space. We can even construct large partitions made of multiple panels. To ensure the stability of wide partitions, sturdy 1/2” thick glass is used.


Framed partitions are another option for quickly upgrading the inside of your home or business.

As with frameless dividers, we custom order the aluminum and glass to be the perfect fit. Framed partitions offer reliable stability and durability, and you can choose from different glass options, such as clear and tinted. Moreover, the aluminum frames can be painted or have an anodized finish. The anodized finishes include clear, dark bronze, light bronze, and black. A paint finish, on the other hand, can be pretty much any color you can imagine. It’s easy to learn more about how these glass products can benefit your home or office. Call for your free estimate and consultation appointment today and make ABC Glass and Mirror a part of your renovation!

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