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Of course large mirrors are beautiful and useful above bathroom vanities, but they can serve a double purpose in other parts of your home, too. This way of decorating with mirrors may sound expensive, but you can save installation costs by ordering a kit to put the mirrors in place yourself. Thinking beyond the bathroom, where might a wall mirror be just what a room needs?

1. Your Basement

This might not have been your first guess, but adding a wall mirror to your basement makes sense on so many levels and for so many lifestyles. For one thing, basements tend to be low on natural light, so fully or partially covering a wall with mirrors makes the space brighter by reflecting what light you do have. For the same reason, basements sometimes feel gloomy or dungeon-like, but a wall of reflective glass instantly uplifts the mood. A basement mirror can be a backdrop for your home bar, a game room wall hanging, or simply a decorative alternative to repainting a boring wall.

But does a basement mirror serve any practical purpose? It absolutely can. Whether your basement is a game room, home bar, or unused space, adding a wall mirror is the first step toward using it as a home gym as well. If you’ve been flirting with the idea of getting fit for years, now is the time when most of the excuses are no longer valid. No time to drive to the gym? Health club memberships too expensive? All of the online training programs, virtual exercise classes, and “smart” exercise equipment make working out at home easier than ever before. In fact, there are a number of free fitness apps, so expense doesn’t need to stand in your way either. Combine your new wall mirror with floor padding and any equipment you need, and you have a basement home gym!


2. A Home’s Entryway


Another overlooked space is often the entryway. This is unfortunate because it’s the first room you and your guests see as you enter the house. Have you ever thought about what kind of mood you want to create in this space? The colors and items you choose to place in your entryway can affect how you feel when you walk into your house, but we may not think about this as often as we should. Speaking of the entryway, Decorilla notes that, “[I]f you want to make a good first impression and also enjoy your home the moment you get in, this is the space to focus on.

Larger entryways can actually include furniture, such as small tables, a fancy chair, or a shoe shelf. Even if your entryway is a tiny block of space in front of the door, though, a wall mirror is the perfect addition. Why? In terms of décor principles entryway wall mirrors have a number of benefits, including:

  • A mirror brightens and visually expands an entry area.

  • The sparkling glass of a mirror adds a cheerful vibe.

  • Your wall mirror can be placed where it will reflect another beautiful piece like a framed print or a unique pendant light.

Is there any practical use for a foyer mirror? Yes! It makes it easy to check your look as you head out the door for work, school, shopping, or a get-together with friends. A peek in your entryway mirror can save you from leaving with food stuck between your teeth, a misplaced strand of hair giving you a wild look, or the like.


3. A Bedroom Wall

If you don’t have a full length mirror in your bedroom it’s time to add one. A large mirror is necessary for seeing your whole ensemble – from shoes to hairstyle – in one look. Also, if you’re without a basement or other spare room, this Good Housekeeping slideshow proves you can still create a home workout area with limited space. In fact, a bedroom is good alternative location for a home gym, and one wall mirror can serve as your dressing mirror and hang next to your Pilates mat to help you improve form.

In terms of aesthetics, a mirror is an attractive wall hanging in any room, including a bedroom. Possibilities for further styling things up include:

  • Add a DIY frame or border around the mirror.

  • Hang the mirror on a wall at right angles to a window to optimize natural lighting.

  • Add an inspirational poster, hand painted wall sign, or neon wall hanging across from the mirror so you can enjoy it while you exercise.

  • Surround the mirror with assorted art and/or photographs for a maximalist-inspired gallery wall.


ABC Glass & Mirror has your wall mirror needs covered. We offer custom-cut mirrors installed by professional crews, and there is also a Do-It-Yourself option:

  • Complete DIY kits

  • Delivery right to your home

  • Kit mirrors include safety backing to keep the glass in place even if broken

  • Kits include installation hardware

  • Detailed, step-by-step instructions included

  • Installation guide video

  • Customer service specialists available weekdays 7am-4pm EST to answer questions at (703)257-7150

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