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In a January 2022 piece, Kelsey Mulvey of Southern Living shares the thoughts of 10 home designers who were asked about decorating trends in 2022. As in 2021, the emphasis is on creating a space that is welcoming, soothing, and comfortable. While minimalist spaces probably aren’t going anywhere, there is a strong movement to more colorful and luxurious rooms.

Brown Is the New Gray

Gray-dominated spaces aren’t going anywhere either, but many homeowners are rebelling in favor of a warmer palette. This takes the form of rich colors like chocolate brown and camel, shades that give a room greater richness and depth. With the continuing popularity of gray, chocolate allows a home to stand out and make a more personal statement.


2. Going with glass opens up more options.


While curtains vary in color, texture, and pattern, glass shower enclosures offer more significant variations in style and functionality. Popular options include:

  • In-line door and panel: A swinging shower door is installed next to a fixed panel of glass on a tub or shower.

  • French doors: A tub or shower is enclosed by double swinging doors.

  • Rolling “barn style” doors: This type of door rolls along a header, and you can choose a single door beside a fixed panel or two rolling doors. These can be installed on showers or bathtubs.

  • Corner shower: A glass shower enclosure is built in a bathroom corner. 

  • Shower screen: A solitary fixed or hinged piece of glass is installed to block water while leaving a space open for entry and exit.

  • “All glass” shower: In large bathrooms, a shower stall can be built with all walls made of glass and minimal metal components.

This variety of choices makes it easier to meet specific practical needs or decorative preferences. For example, a shower screen on a curbless stall is a great way to maximize accessibility.


3. You can design a glass shower that will match changing styles.

Some shower curtains will go out of style, and many will need to be replaced if you change the theme or color of your bathroom. However, you can install a custom glass shower that will match any palette and remain on-trend as fads come and go. Let’s consider two of today’s hottest styles in this light:

  • Frameless: On a frameless enclosure, glass takes center stage. These are often clear, so they provide a solid barrier with low visual impact. Obviously, they will not clash with any colors you may choose for your bathroom walls, floors, and accessories. This “minimalism” allows frameless enclosures to harmonize with many decorating modes including modern, contemporary chic, transitional, Japandi, and Scandinavian.

  • Crittall style: Glass with black metal framing and mullions is also on-trend today. However, this style is taken from British cottage windows that were first manufactured in the 1800s. This makes the style classic, but the combination of glass and metal is itself timeless. As with frameless showers, there is no risk of the shower clashing with your paint color or accent pieces. These shower or tub doors are also a hit in popular styles like cottagecore, transitional, maximalism, granny chic, and Japandi.


4. A glass shower enclosure is more pleasant and user friendly.


Brushing up against a damp (or worse yet, slimy) shower curtain liner is the worst, and this will never happen with glass shower doors. Also, glass cannot be infested with pink bacteria or embedded mold and mildew like cloth can. This is important, because it’s also the worst to realize that a shower curtain liner has gotten a little off after your house guests have departed! However, saving you from scarring and cringey moments is not the only benefit of a glass shower enclosure.

Glass shower doors are also user friendly. Have you ever forgotten to pull the shower curtain all the way shut? Not arranged the liner inside the tub? If so, a puddle on the bathroom floor was probably the result. Shower doors simply pull or slide shut, the work of a moment. With a shower screen, all you have to do is walk in, and water containment is taken care of by the screen, the shower head location, the drain placement, and the floor slope.

ABC Glass & Mirror is your glass shower source.

Would you like to learn more about replacing your shower curtain or old glass door with a new custom enclosure? Give ABC Glass & Mirror a call at (703)257-7150 and set up a free in-home consultation with one of our estimators. This allows us to get the measurements needed for a price quote and allows you to see samples, ask questions, and get design tips from an industry expert. Our team would love to update your space with one of our custom glass creations!

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