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Today’s commercial spaces go beyond what is purely utilitarian, and glass partition walls play an important role. Often, office spaces are designed with an eye to employee health and happiness as well as productivity. (Of course the three are actually interconnected.) In accord with this trend, you may wish to steer away from stereotypical windowless cubicles in favor of something with a more positive vibe. Using glass, rather than traditional walls, to divide work stations allows you to keep an open ambiance while still providing a level of separation between desks and areas with diverse functions.

Glass Wall Design Options

Like many custom glass products, glass partition walls can be framed or frameless. On a frameless room divider or wall system, you will see very little metal. Small clips, unobtrusive tracking, and the like take the place of framing. When you want to maintain visual continuity between spaces, clear unframed glass is your best choice, and this type of partition imparts a sleek, futuristic look. 

These days, however, the pairing of glass and matte black metal is also popular. There are a couple ways to achieve this combo with glass walls. 

  • Partitions surrounded by matte black framing give you a mostly open feel, but the partitions themselves are more visually striking. 

  • ABC Glass & Mirror can also create Crittall style dividers on which the glass is adorned with black gridwork in the style of window mullions. This detailing is achieved by ceramic frit printing on the surface of the glass.


Glass Styles for Walls, Partitions, and Screens


A wide range of glass styles can be used in the creation of room dividers. This allows you to customize the appearance and level of privacy offered by each wall or screen.

  • Clear and ultra clear – These provide a physical barrier but keep the look of an open concept space. Transparent dividers can be effective tools in maintaining staff accountability.

  • Acid etched – This glass has a “frosted” look and obscures vision. Its neutral appearance coordinates with many styles, and it provides some privacy.

  • Patterned – Textured glass is available in many patterns and designs. Like acid-etched glass, it lets light pass through but creates more private spaces.

  • Back painted – White back painted glass is fully opaque, making it a great choice when you want to achieve privacy and a clean, modern feel.

  • Glass alternative – Screens and dividers can also be made of polycarbonate or acrylic sheets for a glass-like appearance with enhanced durability.

You may wish to use various types of glass within one commercial space, and this is not a problem when you work with a custom glass shop.


Permanent and Temporary Partitions

Office dividers are typically attached to existing surfaces (floor, wall, ceiling) with clips, tracking, etc. Although this is a permanent installation, keep in mind that glass walls are much easier to move or remove than traditional walls. In some cases, however, you may prefer a fully movable screen, and ABC Glass & Mirror can help. We can create free standing partitions or service screens, as well as rolling framed glass screens. If you’re not sure what type of divider is best for your situation, we invite you to give us a call at (703)257-7150. We can discuss some options over the phone and also schedule a free consultation at your commercial site.

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