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Craft rooms, which are included in Good Housekeeping’s recent article The Biggest Interior Design Trends to Watch in 2023, According to the Pros,” can be added to the growing list of specialty spaces that have become must-haves since the 2020 era of doing everything at home. Like home gyms, craft rooms have the potential to help us better use our time, develop our potential, and find more joy in day to day life. Working with a custom glass shop like ABC Glass & Mirror makes it easier to achieve a craft room tailored to your needs and available space.

Glass Partition Walls to Claim Your Space

Glass partitions, room dividers, and screens can be installed much more quickly than traditional walls made of framing and drywall. Also, they are easier to relocate or remove if your needs and interests change down the road. Glass walls can be tailored to your preferences because they are available in so many styles and types:


  • frameless glass

  • framed glass

  • Crittall style glass

  • floor to ceiling

  • knee wall 

  • half wall

  • clear glass

  • obscure glass

  • with matching glass doors

  • with open entrances


Have glass partitions installed within a larger space like a living room, basement, or bedroom to delineate your craft area. Many of the choices above are primarily aesthetic, but take practical needs into account when choosing the glass type. Do you want clear glass that will allow you to keep an eye on the kids while you craft? Or do you want obscure glass – frosted, patterned, tinted – to minimize distractions and interruptions?


Gift Yourself the Storage Options You Deserve


Crafting involves craft supplies, and you deserve a peaceful and uncluttered workspace. Be sure to outfit your craft room with glass wall shelves and line them with the bins, trays, and canisters suitable to your hobby. Repurposing an old cabinet is a sustainable and budget friendly way to add even more storage. Use one or more of these tips to give the piece a facelift:


  • Sand and repaint it.

  • Replace the door knobs and/or drawer handles.

  • Take out wooden shelves and replace them with custom glass shelves.

  • Remove wooden door fronts and install cabinet glass.

Treat Yourself to User- Friendly Surfaces

Many craft projects go best when you have a smooth, clean, non-absorbent surface on which to work. Add a custom glass top to an old table or desk to give yourself a surface that is more appealing AND more user-friendly. Personalize the top to your preferences by choosing clear, tinted, patterned, frosted, or back-painted glass; a polished, beveled, or pencil edge; and dimensions that create overhang or an exact match to the existing top. On a different note, you also want a work chair that is comfortable and at the right height in proportion to your work table or desk.


Pay Attention to the Theme and Color Scheme

Ensure that your craft room is a place you like to be with an intentional design. Choose colors that make you feel happy and meld harmoniously with the nearby living space. It’s also fun to give a craft room a theme such as floral, coastal, art deco, granny chic, or cottage. This is the perfect opportunity to decorate the space with meaningful photos and art, and maybe even some of your own crafty creations. For all glass and mirror needs – whether practical or aesthetic – you can shop local with ABC Glass & Mirror of Manassas Park, VA. Give us a call today to schedule a free in-home consultation and quote – (703)257-7150.

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