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Shower screens are simple – consisting of a single sheet of glass – but you can still personalize them to your bathroom’s style. Let’s take a look at three in-vogue shower screen options that ABC Glass & Mirror can design and install in your home. If you’d like to learn more and have a free in-home consultation with a glass expert, give us a call at (703)257-7150.

1. Frameless Glass Shower Screen

Wet rooms are a popular choice in bathroom design, and they feature continuity between the shower and the rest of the room as well as waterproofing throughout. A frameless shower screen is good for maintaining visual flow from one area to the next while simultaneously boosting water containment. However, a shower screen can also provide a level of privacy if you select acid-etched, patterned, or tinted glass. Besides picking the glass style, you can also personalize the screen by choosing square or radius corners. Finally, shower screens can be stationary or hinged to swing open and widen the shower entrance. When considering a hinged screen be sure that there is sufficient clearance for the screen to open without hitting another appliance or blocking access to a fixture.


2. Black Framed Shower Screen


The combination of glass and black metal is another trending look in bathroom design. Most often, clear glass is used, but frosted or patterned glass also looks lovely surrounded by matte black framing. Consider a clear screen framed in black when you want the shower screen to visually pop while keeping a clear line of sight between the shower area and the rest of the room. These screens work well with many décor styles including:


  • Modern

  • Contemporary chic

  • Japandi

  • Scandinavian

  • Traditional

  • Transitional


3. Critall Style Shower Screen

Crittall style glass mimics the look of steel-framed windows with black mullions and muntins. ABC Glass & Mirror can create a shower screen with this look by surrounding it with black U-channel and having black ceramic frit gridwork printed on its surface. A Crittall style screen will become the focal point of your bathroom and impart instant charm and personality. If you opt for this type of screen, you have a couple options for the rest of the bathroom hardware:


  • Match all the metals in the bathroom and replace existing fixtures with matte black alternatives.

  • Create a mixed metals color scheme by pairing black metal with a contrasting finish such as satin brass or polished nickel.

  • If the only change you are making is the addition of the Crittall style screen, introduce more black metal by way of small items such as the soap dispenser or trash can.


Trust Your Project to ABC

The ABC Glass & Mirror team has been improving local homes with glass for two decades, and we’d love to enhance your bathroom with a shower screen. View samples, check out photos of finished projects, and get answers to your questions at a free in-home consultation with a glazier. We will follow up with an emailed price quote, so you can make your decision on your timeline and in the comfort of your home. Call today – (703)257-7150!

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