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Are you putting the finishing touches on your home office? Once all the must-haves are in place, it’s time to ensure that your office is a pleasant space in which to work. If you meet clients or co-workers at your home workspace, it should also be both welcoming and professional. The right wall hangings can help a home office achieve these ideals, and it’s time to broaden our horizons beyond the usual office wall art of framed prints and motivational posters! Custom mirrors come in many shapes and can have polished, beveled, or metal wrapped edges. They are the perfect addition to a home work area, and we’ll explore 3 fun and appealing ways to use them.

A Large Metal-Wrapped Mirror as a Focal Point

If you want to give your office a more distinguished look and feel, adorn bare wall space with a large round, square, or rectangular mirror. Boost its impact and decorative power by choosing metal wrapped edges in a popular finish such as matte black. Ideal places to hang such a mirror in a home office include:


  • On the wall behind your desk.

  • Above a low cabinet or bookshelf.

  • On a wall perpendicular to a window (to maximize natural light).

  • As part of a gallery wall. Surround it with a variety of framed items such as prints, awards, and professional certificates.


An Unusual Custom Mirror to Give the Space Character


On the other hand, your company’s ethos might call for a bold and unique statement of style in your home office. Polished edge mirrors can be ordered in many non-traditional shapes, including:


  • half circle

  • crescent

  • tear drop

  • triangle

  • hexagon


A custom glass shop such as ABC Glass & Mirror can also cut asymmetrical mirror shapes within certain parameters. In addition, bronze and gray tinted mirror glass is available for a wall hanging with still more personality and charm. An unusually shaped mirror will add visual interest and keep your workspace from looking and feeling dull.


The Illusion of Space with a Mirrored Wall

If you want to fully transform and upgrade your home office, don’t stop at half measures. Covering a full wall with mirror glass immediately makes the room look twice as large. A mirrored wall also reflects light and gives the space a luxe feel. In addition to standard mirror glass, antique style mirror is also available. Although it is a new product, antique mirror has been treated with acid for a vintage look. Choose this if your home and office have a historic feel or if you want a softer and warmer appearance than that of regular mirror. Mirrored wall options include:


  • Custom cut-outs to accommodate light fixtures, switches, etc.

  • Entire wall installation in which the wall is covered completely with only tiny gaps of about 1/8” around the edges.

  • Wall with border installation in which there is a larger gap of a width determined by customer preference. (Less expensive)

  • Coverage with one or more large mirrors or many small mirrors.


If you’re ready to try one of these ideas or want to decorate your office or living space with another mirror idea, contact ABC Glass & Mirror at (703)257-7150 to schedule a free in-home consultation and estimate.

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