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As more and more Americans have moved to working remotely, the importance of a pleasant and convenient home office space has become apparent. Back painted glass might not be a material you’ve thought of in connection with your workspace. However, just like good lighting, a comfortable desk chair, and plenty of storage solutions, back painted glass can play a large role in perfecting your home office. ABC Glass & Mirror will send a glazier to your home for a free consultation and measure and the chance to get answers to your back painted glass questions.

1. How about a white glass marker board?

White back painted glass makes an excellent marker board. You can write on it with standard dry erase markers, and it has the edge over cheaper whiteboards in many ways.


  • When not in use, back painted glass serves as a minimalist wall hanging rather than an eyesore.

  • Glass wipes clean with ghost-free erasure.

  • Your glass whiteboard can be custom cut to your precise specifications.

  • ABC Glass & Mirror offers both polished and beveled edges, so that you can further tailor the marker board to your preferences.


A glass whiteboard will boost the professional feel of your home office, and glass itself is a sparkling and attractive material. At the same time, a dry erase board provides a handy place to write to-do lists, take notes, or display an inspiring quote. You can even doodle on the marker board when you need to de-stress after an intense phone call or email!


2. Does your desk need a makeover?


A second use for back painted glass in a home workspace is on the desktop. Is your desk out of style? Is the top stained? Damaged? You can solve this by having a piece of back painted glass cut to fit atop your desk for an instant facelift. Besides the aesthetic advantages, a glass desktop offers:


  • A place on which to jot down erasable notes, reminders, or computations.

  • A scratch resistant surface that is easy to clean and sanitize.

  • A surface that will not be stained by spilled beverages or snacks.

  • Customization in the form of edgework, thickness, and shape.

  • Custom cut-outs to accommodate cords if needed.


3. Wouldn’t you like a separate home office?

Are you one of many who work at a desk in the corner of your living room or bedroom? Or even at your dining table or breakfast bar? The lack of a spare room does not mean you have to give up the idea of your own home office space. Glass partition walls are quickly installed, and they are much easier to take down or move than regular walls if your needs change in the future. Partitions made of back painted glass give your space privacy and a very clean, professional feel. Choose framed or frameless construction depending on your tastes and the office style.


4. Ready to think outside the box for your wall covering?


If there’s a little too much “home” in your home office’s appearance, covering one or more walls with back painted glass is an instant fix. This sleek, shining surface will elevate any space and give it a classy vibe. This is an especially nice option if you meet with clients at your home or if your existing walls have been scribbled on, smudged by fingerprints, damaged, or otherwise marred. Shimmering white walls can also help a small home office feel larger and brighter.

Would you like to learn more about back painted glass options and pricing? Call ABC Glass and Mirror at (703)257-7150 to speak with a glazier or schedule your free in-home consultation and estimate.

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