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Frosted glass is versatile, attractive, and great for adding privacy to high traffic areas. These 3 places in
your home will get an instant boost from the addition of a custom piece of obscure glass:

  • Around your home office

  • In your primary bathroom

  • On your kids’ shower

Read on for pro tips and design ideas and feel free to contact ABC Glass & Mirror at (703)257-7150 to
ask questions or set up a complimentary, no-obligation consultation at your home.

Frosted Glass Around Your Home Office

Teleworking has become a normal way of life for many of us, but sometimes we’re slow to create the
home office space we need and deserve. If you’re working from a section of your bedroom, living room,
family room, or basement, frosted glass is your ticket to a separate home office with fewer distractions.
Consider these options:

  • Have frosted glass room dividers with a matching glass door installed to completely enclose your at-home workspace.

  • Choose a floor to ceiling frosted glass screen to add some privacy to a corner office area.

  • If space is tight, opt for a rolling glass screen that can be put in place when you’re working and tucked away when the room is being used otherwise.

When ordering glass partition walls from a custom glass shop, you can choose from various options like
frameless or framed; half-wall or floor to ceiling; open entrance, swinging door, or rolling door.


Frosted Glass in Your Primary Bathroom


It’s easy to give your primary bathroom a touch of luxury and the feel of a high-end hotel: simply have a
frosted glass screen installed in front of the commode. As the least attractive – but perhaps most crucial –
bathroom appliance, the toilet cannot be eliminated, but it can be camouflaged. A frosted glass screen is
attractive and matches most color schemes and bathroom themes. It will keep the commode out of sight
and allow other fixtures to shine, such as a frameless glass shower enclosure or elaborately framed vanity
mirror. Last but not least, a frosted glass screen creates privacy in the toilet area.


A Frosted Glass Shower for Your Kids’ Bathroom

Frosted glass is also useful for a bathroom shared by your children. A more private enclosure is perfect if
one child is showering while another is fixing hair or brushing teeth. Glass doors can be added to an
existing tub or shower to replace a curtain, and this can be a savvy exchange. If a curtain and liner are not
arranged just so, water will leak onto the bathroom floor. On the other hand, closing a glass shower door
is simple and straightforward. Options for tub/shower doors include:

In addition, frosted glass can be used to build right angle corner showers, neo-angle corner showers, and
custom glass stalls.


However you choose to use privacy or clear glass, the team at ABC Glass & Mirror is ready to assist with your glass shower project from design through professional installation. Call us at (703)257-7150 to schedule your free in-home consultation with a glass shower estimator.

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