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These are just 5 of the ways to utilize glass partitions in your home, but they should give you an idea of the convenience and versatility offered by this product. Whether you are right-sizing your current home, re-purposing a space as your needs change, or simply changing the style of your living space, glass partitions can help. ABC Glass & Mirror offers many options to accommodate both your preferences and your practical needs.

#1 Re-Imagine an Open Concept Space

Life’s changing circumstances sometimes call for an alteration in your living space. For instance, if you have started working at home, exercising at home, studying at home, or doing crafts at home, you might want a dedicated space for this activity. Glass partitions allow you to re-align an open concept space and bring it more in accord with your current needs. Examples include:


  • Frosted glass partitions to create a private home office space within a great room.

  • Glass walls for the home workout area in your basement rec room.

  • A patterned glass screen to delineate your main floor crafting area.


Keep in mind that a functional glass partition does not have to detract from your chosen décor theme. For example, ABC Glass & Mirror offers Crittall style screens with black grille-work as well as sleek frameless partitions and dividers with aluminum borders to meet a range of tastes and preferences.


#2 Hide a Messy Area of Your House


A lived in house cannot look like a model home with every area always kept in perfect order. In fact, it can be easier to keep the rest of a home looking nice, if you have some spaces where untidiness is allowed. A screen or room divider can be made of privacy glass and thus block the view of a kitchen sink area, toy room, or other space that’s not often “guest ready.” Privacy glass options include:


  • Acid-etched glass that has a frosted appearance

  • An assortment of patterned glass options

  • Tinted glass (gray and bronze sold by ABC Glass & Mirror)

  • Back painted glass, which is fully opaque


The amount of glass used can also be tailored to your circumstances. Sometimes a single screen suffices, but glass professionals can also install complete partition wall systems that include glass doors.


#3 Divide a Bedroom Shared by Siblings

Glass partition walls also make it easier to give kiddos their own rooms. For example, a dividing wall of frosted, patterned, or back painted glass can split a single bedroom into two separate spaces. Adding a traditional sheetrock wall in a situation like this may not be practical. For example, two smaller spaces may not be appealing to prospective buyers if you sell. Also, the addition of standard walls is time consuming and messy. Glass dividers can be quickly and cleanly installed, and they are easier to move or remove than standard walls.


#4 Choose a Glass Screen that Doubles as an Accent Piece


Glass screens can do more than offer privacy or carve separate rooms out of open concept spaces. They can also be beautiful decorating accent pieces. Examples include:


  • A Crittall style screen is very much in vogue today, and is especially suitable for sophisticated farmhouse style homes, cottagecore spaces, nostalgic rooms, and modern organic living spaces.

  • A back painted glass screen will become an instant focal point. Its sleek, sparkling, white surface will add modern charm to your room.

  • Black framed screens are bold but classy. Their clean lines and crisp edges can add professionalism to a home office or a more contemporary vibe to a traditional room.

#5 Give Your Kids a Less Distracting Place to Do Homework

Room dividers or screens made of privacy glass are also great for study areas. Kids often do homework at the dining table or in their bedrooms, but these spaces can be full of distractions ranging from conversations between other family members to comic books and video games. Besides separating the study area with glass partitions, supply a desk and comfortable chair, a lamp, and some decorative and personal touches that make it a pleasant area in which to work.


For all your glass partition needs call ABC Glass & Mirror at (703)257-7150! We offer free in-home consultations and estimates as well as quality custom products installed by professional crews.

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