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If you’re remodeling or just redecorating, avoid choosing a style that’s on its way out. HGTV’s Mia Schulman forecasts Interior Design Trends on Their Way Out in 2024 to help you avoid doing just that. As we’ll see, some of the colors and themes that have been in the limelight during recent years will remain, while others have outlived their welcome. Read on for key takeaways as well as practical ways you can update your home’s look and feel for 2024.

Open Concept Rooms and Shelves Have Waned in Popularity

As Shulman points out, being stuck at home due to lockdowns gave many homeowners a deeper appreciation for secluded retreats within their living space. As a result, “great rooms” that include living room, dining room, AND kitchen are being divided into distinct and separate spaces, with the side bonus of making dirty dishes invisible from the living room! Likewise, hidden storage is favored over open kitchen shelves, the contents of which must always be kept clean and tidy.


Color Conquers Neutrality


We are also seeing changes in the world of color choices. For starters, Schulman declares that, “All-white kitchens are a thing of the past and it’s time to celebrate a creative kitchen with more texture and colour.” In the same vein, rooms dominated by gray or black are also being eschewed in favor richer and more comforting color palettes. However, certain neutral tones remain very much in-vogue thanks to the popularity of natural wood and stone elements.


Farmhouse Faves Transition to More Focused Applications

Certain elements of the modern farmhouse style have fallen from grace with home designers. These include:


  • Wall hangings composed of words, quotes, or pieces of advice

  • Interior barn-style doors

  • Subway tiles

  • Shiplap


However, there are a few caveats. For example, barn doors and the modern farmhouse motif are still favored for homes on farms, and shiplap has a place in certain designs. Much of this is due to a trend toward decorating a home in accord with its location. However, take comfort if you love one or more of these farmhouse décor elements as Schulman states, “There are plenty of ways to adapt this look to suit your home, wherever it may be.”


The Jury Is Out on Brass’s Return to Favor


Home decorators are choosing more brass elements for their homes, and opinions are divided on whether this is a dated look or a wise and classy choice. In this instance, it’s the experts who are more favorable to the re-emergence of brass “in evolved shapes and sizes that look nothing like their ancestors.” Check out Schulman’s piece for more thoughts on this and other outgoing trends.

Tips for Applying Schulman’s Insights to Your Home Décor

With these highlights from the HGTV article in mind, what are some ways to free a home from outdated trends?


•      Open concept living space can be quickly separated into distinct rooms with glass partitions. For privacy, use frosted, patterned, or back painted glass, or you can choose clear glass to keep an open vibe while still delineating particular areas.

•      Farmhouse décor in urban homes can be brought more in line with today’s trends through the addition of modern and industrial elements.

•      Some of your inspirational quote wall hangings can be replaced with beveled or metal wrapped custom mirrors.

•      If you decide the trend toward brass is a good one, consider satin brass hardware for your glass shower enclosure.


For all glass and mirror updates, we invite you to call ABC Glass & Mirror at (703)257-7150. We offer free, no-obligation in-home consultations and estimates and would love the chance to earn your business.

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