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As many of the photos and ideas in a recent Decorilla article prove, including plants in your bathroom is a popular trend. This is great news on so many levels. Plants and pots are relatively inexpensive, making this upgrade doable for many. Next, nature and plants never really go out of fashion, so there’s no worry that your purchases will be “outdated” next year. Moreover, this article on The Benefits of Houseplants points out that having a plant nearby may also improve our emotional well-being and cognitive function! Not sure where to start when it comes to adding plants to a bathroom? Read on for inspiration and tips.

1. Research shower plants and find the perfect one for your situation.

There’s lots of helpful info out there about which plants will thrive in your shower, depending on its lighting. With a few minutes of research, you will likely find a plant that will flourish in your shower’s environment. Place it in a functional and aesthetically pleasing pot and find a place where it won’t be knocked down. Consider hanging your plant from a ceiling hook, if you don’t have space on a shower shelf.


2. Intersperse small potted plants with other items on the counter or shelves.


If your bathroom has plenty of surfaces, there’s probably room for a plant or two. This Martha Stewart piece highlights 18 great plant options for a bathroom. Interspersing living plants with humdrum items like your soap dispenser and extra toilet paper rolls will give the whole room an upscale spa-inspired feel. You can also create vignettes – items grouped together and intentionally staged. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Odd numbered groups are most visually pleasing.

  • Vary the heights of the items in the vignette.

  • Bring in assorted textures to create visual interest.

  • Keep convenience in mind and place items you use regularly within easy reach.


3.  Order a living wall kit for a dramatic look and feel.

Also known as a vertical garden, a living wall is a stunning design technique. A living wall kit will include containers, a system for hanging them on your wall, and directions for watering the plants you grow in them. It may also include a guide to picking plants suited to this type of indoor garden. Amazing locations for a bathroom living wall include:


  • On a wall near a free-standing tub.

  • Opposite the vanity mirror.

  • On a boring section of bare wall space.

  • Above the commode.

  • Next to and visible from inside a clear glass shower enclosure.


4. Don’t be afraid to add potted trees.


For a dramatic burst of greenery, add one or more potted trees to your bathroom as space allows. Look for indoor trees that will grow well in your bathroom’s environment – lighting, windows, moisture, etc. Places potted trees look fabulous include:


  • On either side of a glass shower

  • In a corner near a free standing soaker bathtub

  • Hiding a laundry basket or another less aesthetically pleasing item

  • In front of and reflected in a wall mirror


While we don’t sell plants, ABC Glass & Mirror supplies and installs the custom glass and mirror needed for a beautiful bathroom upgrade. Call to set up your free in-home consultation and quote today – 703-257-7150!

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