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A recent Business Insider article lays out designers’ insights into bathroom styles for the new year. Knowing which trends are up and coming and which are on their way out is helpful if you’re planning a bathroom renovation or makeover. However, as we delve into these predictions, bear in mind that integrating elements you love alongside classic, time-tested choices is always a good approach!

What trends are declining in popularity and why?

Business Insider’s Cheyenne Lentz shares 5 exiting trends that should be approached with caution. If one or more of these is a favorite for you, check out the next section, where we discuss our own and the article’s ideas for maintaining these while staying up to speed with today’s design principles.


  • Minimalism – Basically, minimalism has become too stark for many, so bathrooms are being adorned with more diverse textures and colors as well as items of beauty and personal significance.

  • Vessel Sinks – Vessel sinks sit atop the vanity counter and resemble a bowl or other vessel. Their visual appeal made them popular for a time, but homeowners now prefer something more space efficient.

  • Body Sprays – Body sprays are being eschewed for more eco-friendly options that still bring a touch of luxury to the shower area.

  • Rustic “Overload” – Rustic elements have also been trendy of late, but many find them jarring in today’s modern design world.

  • Plain Light Fixtures – Another way decorators are adding beauty to bathrooms is by upgrading the lighting and replacing builder-grade sconces with light fixtures full of personality and charm.


What if I love one of these outgoing trends?


When it comes to minimalism, we suggest taking its best features and leaving the starkness behind. For instance, you can absolutely keep your bathroom clutter-free by providing yourself with plenty of handy storage options. Just don’t be afraid to include a few decorative items and to think beyond the uniformity that has long characterized this style.


For vessel sinks, we recommend integrating the appealing curved shape into another part of the bathroom – maybe a basket or a handmade wooden bowl for storing towels. Also, Lentz suggests using an “under-mount sink with a nice curved shape” to keep some of the visual appeal that made vessel sinks a favorite to begin with.


The article notes that homeowners are veering toward rain shower heads and benches as eco-friendly options that compensate for the elimination of body sprays in the shower.


On the topic of rustic décor, we would argue that it is always acceptable in a historic home. Moreover, there are eclectic decorating schemes that successfully blend rustic and more modern pieces within the same space. In fact, one of the article’s featured designers “recommends integrating subtle accents like natural wood or vintage-inspired accessories within a contemporary design framework.”


Most of us are probably OK with saying to goodbye to dull light fixtures, but upgrading can be expensive. Consider adding one statement piece and keeping the rest of the lights simple and inexpensive.


What are the upcoming bathroom trends for 2024?

Given what’s been happening in the interior design world over the past several years, it’s no surprise that the first predicted trend is adding items from nature “like organic materials and botanical accents.” In a bathroom setting, it’s quite easy to include stone, wood, and live plants! As mentioned earlier, environmentally friendly faucets and other bathroom elements are also trending. Linking to the movement away from minimalism, we are seeing bathroom accent walls covered in eye-catching tile. Notably, monochromatic bathrooms are still in vogue, but they feature warmer tones instead of pure white. Finally, floating vanities are appreciated for their sleek and attractive appearance as well as their space friendly properties. (If they are high enough off the floor, you can store things beneath them.)


How can ABC help with styling up your bathroom?


ABC Glass & Mirror is a full service custom glass shop, and we offer a number of products and services for your bathroom upgrade. Here are a few examples of how we can help you embrace the trends discussed in the Business Insider article.


  • Too many rustic elements in your bathroom? Order a sleek modern vanity mirror customized to the precise dimensions you want.

  • Want to display a bowl or basket? We can install glass shelves for storage and display.

  • Ready to say goodbye to body sprays? Keep your shower area glamorous with a new glass shower door or enclosure.


Contact us at (703) 257-7150 to learn more or to schedule a free in-home meeting with one of our glaziers.

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