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If you’re one of the many Americans contemplating a full or partial bathroom remodel, you know that the project’s ultimate success depends on many components coming together to create a space with the functionality and style you crave. Three defining aspects of a bathroom design are the glass used on the shower enclosure, the style and finish of the bathroom hardware, and the paint colors for the wall and ceiling. We’ll look at some combinations that look awesome together and explore the looks they create.

Silvery Finishes – Cool and Peaceful

Metals in the silver family can be used to bring a cool and calming feel to a space. These can enhance an effect already created by a gray palette, a sleek frameless glass shower, smooth surfaces, and clean lines. Alternatively, silver hues can provide a pleasant contrast in a bathroom with warm browns and greens. They also look lovely against bright yellows and oranges. The most popular silver finishes are currently brushed nickel and polished chrome. Options for incorporating one of these metallics into your bathroom include:


  • The hardware on a frameless or semi-frameless shower enclosure.

  • The metal components on a frameless rolling shower door system.

  • Small accessories like the soap dish, toothbrush holder, trash can, and so on.

  • Metal wrapping around the vanity mirror.

  • Brackets for glass shelves.

  • Towel bars and toilet paper holder.


Nickel and chrome finishes work with any glass style – clear, patterned, acid-etched, or tinted. However, they are especially pretty against clear or patterned glass.


Gold Finishes – Warm and Elegant


Golden hued finishes include brass and bronze. These warmer tones are also opulent and will immediately dress up your bathroom. Two favorite finishes today are satin brass and brushed bronze. Both are softer than the polished brass of the 80s and 90s, and both create a lovely juxtaposition when paired with cool blues, pastels, whites, and even jewel tones. These striking finishes will pop against just about any glass type or color scheme. Brass or bronze hardware can dress up a clear glass shower or a simple geometric vanity mirror. A golden hued chandelier over the sink or tub will enhance the room’s glamour even more.

Matte Black – A Finish for Every Season

Matte black metal can be seen in rooms throughout American homes, and the bathroom is no exception. One popular bathroom color scheme is the simple pairing of black and white. For instance, you might see white and black marble tiles on shower walls with clear glass keeping them in view and dark shower hardware making a bold statement of style. However, matte black metals look nice against any pale or medium shades. If the bathroom has deep colors or jewel tones, it is recommended to choose a different metal that will shine against the dark backdrop. In terms of glass though, the darkness of matte black hardware makes it suitable for clear, acid-etched, or frosted glass. It will not be as striking against tinted glass, which may look best with a sparkly polished, brushed, or satin metal finish.


Count on ABC for Custom Glass Shower Needs

Whatever glass and metal pairing you choose to compliment your paint color, the ABC team can install your custom glass shower, vanity mirror, glass shelves, and other glass installations. We offer a range of glass styles and different hardware designs and finishes to makes it easy to achieve your desired look. Call us at (703)257-7150 to set up your free in-home consultation and price quote.

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