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Summer is approaching, and as our thoughts turn to the beach it’s a great time to give your bathroom a coastal makeover. This is a look for all seasons that makes a bathroom cheery and welcoming. Moreover, you can choose how intensely “beachy” you want it to be as we’ll explore bold and more subtle ways to give your space a coastal vibe.

Use Aquatic and Nautical Colors


Include a Coastal Motif


If you prefer décor that is more playful, feel free to choose a specific motif for your bathroom. It can be tastefully included here and there through specialty towels, knick-knacks, or even authentic beach finds. The possibilities are many and include:


  • ships

  • rowboats

  • fish

  • flip-flops

  • anchors

  • seashells

  • waves

  • starfish

  • lighthouses


Add a Few Items from the Beach

A coastal style bathroom is the perfect place to display some of the treasures from your beach vacations. Don’t go overboard with this, but intersperse two or three such items with other décor. Possibilities include:


  • A faux frame of driftwood around the vanity mirror

  • Clear glass jars filled with small seashells

  • A large clam as a shower soap dish

  • Whelk or conch shells as part of a display on a glass shelf

  • Framed photos of beach sunsets, sunrises, or other lovely views


Celebrate All Things Aquatic


Water is a key element at the beach, and it’s also what defines the shower area in your bathroom. Give this space an upgrade with a new glass shower enclosure and a specialty shower head. You can also give the shower’s interior a glowup with matching decanters and a shower plant. The sink area shouldn’t be overlooked, and it could be upgraded with a unique faucet and a whimsical hanging light. If a large scale renovation is in your future, also consider a free standing white soaker tub or an overflow bathtub as a luxe touch.

Engage More Senses in the Coastal Vibe


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