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Include marble in your bathroom design.

Marble itself is a hot pick these days, and it’s long been a material that elevates and adds luxury to any space where it’s installed. Marble shower tile will take a bathroom from ordinary to memorable. If you do opt for large format marble shower tiles, don’t make the mistake of hiding this lovely surface. Choose a clear glass shower rather than a curtain or door made of privacy glass to do just this. Other possibilities for adding marble include:


  • marble floors

  • marble tiles on walls outside the shower

  • marble sink basins

  • marble accessories such as toothbrush holder

  • marble vanity counter


Embrace the natural beauty of wood.


Wood is another timeless material from nature that has the power to enhance your bathroom’s aesthetic and ambiance. While wood is not a go-to flooring choice in a bathroom (due to all the water), certain very hard types of wood, such as teak, made a stunning and functional bathroom floor choice. However, if you’re looking for a less pricey option, how about a wood vanity that is stained or varnished rather than painted? Vanity options today include:


  • Pieces of vintage furniture repurposed as bathroom vanities

  • Vanities custom built from reclaimed barnwood

  • Floating wood vanities taking inspiration from mid-century modern design


This effect can be enhanced with a wood frame around the vanity mirror and accent items like driftwood or a hand carved wooden bowl filled with extra washcloths. Wood can also be added by way of small items like a trash can with a wood veneer, a bamboo bath mat, or natural wood frames around bathroom wall hangings.


Transform the space with living plants.

If marble is too expensive or you’re not ready to buy a new vanity, there is still a way to beautify your bathroom with nature: live plants. Apartment Therapy offers tips on choosing the right plant for your bathroom. Possibilities include:


  • Three small potted plants on a glass tray to decorate the vanity counter

  • An in-shower plant

  • Hanging plants in pots suspended from the ceiling

  • A small potted tree

  • A vertical garden kit to “enliven” a bare wall

  • A collection of plants on a glass wall shelf


Shop local with ABC Glass & Mirror!


Family and veteran owned ABC Glass & Mirror offers the custom glass and mirror needed to highlight and enhance your bathroom’s natural décor elements. From clear shower glass to show off an in-shower plant to luxe hardware finishes that complement marble tiles, we offer beautiful options for every bathroom style. Contact us today at (703)257-7150 to set up a free, no-obligation, in-home consultation and quote.

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