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Many of us are taking our health and wellness needs more seriously these days, so home gyms continue  to proliferate. Popular items for home workout spaces include exercise mats, free weights, foam rollers, bench press set-ups, and even mini fridges. Gym wall mirrors are another favorite product, and they add both a professional look and a boost in functionality. Working with a custom glass shop like ABC Glass & Mirror opens up many possibilities for your gym wall mirrors.

Why order custom gym mirrors instead of buying stock sheets of mirror glass?

If you buy stock gym mirrors, you have a limited choice of dimensions and have to make these work within your space. When ordering custom mirror glass, you can choose:


  • Mirror shape

  • Mirror dimensions

  • Installation method – resting on floor, resting on trim, resting on J-channel, resting on L-bar


If you want to cover an entire section of wall with reflective glass, the ability to choose precise mirror dimensions can be crucial. Depending on the size of the wall and the size of the doorway into the room, glaziers will use one or several large mirrors to create a mirrored gym wall.


Can gym wall mirrors be customized with regard to style?


Yes! In fact, home gyms are often much more than utilitarian spaces. We want to enjoy our time devoted to fitness, so workout spaces have color schemes, themes, and styles – often harmonizing with those of other living space in the home. That being said, most homeowners want standard mirror glass with simple polished edges for gym applications. However, if you want something with more personality, possibilities include:


  • antique style mirror glass (new mirror that looks vintage)

  • tinted mirror glass (bronze and gray tinting available)


When there is not enough space for a separate home gym, a corner of the living room, bedroom, or other area can be converted for this purpose. To minimize the aesthetic impact, consider having a dressier beveled edge mirror installed to double as a gym mirror and a wall ornament.


What if the walls in my gym have outlets or irregularities?

While they usually look smooth, walls are not truly flat. They often have “hills” and “valleys” so to speak, and these can impact the installation of large mirrors. However, glaziers can often work around irregularities by using shims. Not sure if this would work on your wall? You can set up a free consultation with an ABC mirror specialist to get answers to your questions before deciding whether to order a mirror. Outlets, light switches, and so forth are not insurmountable obstacles either. A custom glass shop can add cutouts to a mirror so that it will fit around these fixtures.


Count on ABC for gym wall mirror needs.


The ABC Glass & Mirror team has been providing custom glass installation to Northern Virginia home and business owners for over 20 years. We are committed to your satisfaction with the project and work with you each step of the way until your gym mirrors are professionally installed. Call with any questions or to schedule a free consultation and estimate – (703) 257-7150.

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