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Hadley Mendelsohn of House Beautiful showcases beautiful glass showers that make you want to say, “Goodbye, curtains!” Scrolling through the photos and reading the descriptions, one thing becomes crystal clear: the diversity of glass shower options makes it possible to find the perfect installation for just about any bathroom. In fact, Mendelsohn’s piece highlights mostly small bathrooms where glass and other carefully chosen materials make the most of the available floor space.

Clear Glass for a Sense of Openness

Many of the featured shower enclosures are “barely there” clear glass panels. Transparent glass allows for the free flow of light between spaces; makes the shower area seem like part of the overall room; and keeps beautiful shower tiles – like marble slabs or zellige tiles – in plain view. 

Our experience at ABC Glass & Mirror confirms the popularity of clear and ultra-clear shower glass. Besides the aesthetic benefits we’ve touched on, clear glass has a simple, smooth surface that makes it easy to dry and clean. Also, clear glass is versatile: it won’t clash with any other colors, patterns, or textures in the space.


Patterned and Frosted Glass Offer a Twist


At the same time, privacy glass also makes an appearance in the House Beautiful piece. For example a vertical design on a floor to ceiling enclosure can make the ceilings seem higher. Likewise, patterns on the surface of the glass become another design element that can coordinate with or pleasantly contrast other materials in the room. The use of frosted or patterned shower glass provides privacy but preserves a greater sense of continuity than a shower curtain. It also allows light to pass through, which can make the shower stall a brighter and happier space.

Frameless Design Continues to Shine

Most of the designer showers Mendelsohn features have a frameless design. This means that the glass edges are left bare, and caulk joints, clips, and/or hinges take the place of the metal framing many of us are familiar with. The exclusion of framing can give a shower area a luxe feel, and it’s great when you’re trying to show off colorful glass tiles or unique stone shower walls.

At ABC, our years of experience in the glass shower industry have brought to light another advantage of frameless showers. Their smooth, simple surfaces make care and cleaning easier. The elimination of framing means the elimination of some of the nooks where mineral buildup, soap scum, and dust tend to accumulate. Frameless glass showers can be more expensive than semi-frameless alternatives, but their benefits are practical as well as aesthetic.


Metal Still Plays a Crucial Role


At the same time, the combination of clear glass and matte black metal framing has been surging in popularity. Some of the featured enclosures are simply bordered by black metal. However, others have even more visual interest with a black metal grille on the exterior of the glass. A shower like this will easily serve as the room’s focal point, and the look works with many different decorating styles. Finally, even if you opt for frameless design, there will still be small metal elements such as the handles and hinges. You can make a statement with gold or black hardware or opt for something that offers enduring appeal, such as chrome or brushed nickel.

Shower Screens Are Not to Be Overlooked

While many showers are fully enclosed in glass and served by swinging or rolling doors, the House Beautiful article highlights quite a few shower screens. A shower screen is:

  • a single piece of glass

  • either fixed or hinged

  • frameless, framed, or framed plus a grille

With a shower screen, you leave the entrance/exit to the shower area open. Be sure to work closely with your contractor and your glass shower company, as water containment will be achieved by a combination of shower screen size and placement, floor slope, drain location, and shower spray placement and direction.


If you’re ready to explore the array of glass shower possibilities and find the one that’s perfect for YOUR space, we invite you to call ABC Glass & Mirror at (703)257-7150 to set up a free in-home consultation and quote.

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