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Ready to order your Plexiglass Shield?

PLEASE NOTE: ABC is only serving the Northern Virginia and surrounding areas, unfortunately we are not shipping at this time.

Plexiglass shields offer protection from sneezes and coughs while allowing you to maintain eye contact with your customers. They can be a temporary or permanent addition to checkout counters, cash registers, reception desks, teller stations, and the like. ABC Glass and Mirror offers you the flexibility to complete this project in the way that works best for your business. We can custom fabricate, deliver, and professionally install your plexiglass barriers, OR you can purchase the necessary components to set up the sneeze shields yourself. If you opt for customized items, we offer fast turnaround times so you can quickly protect staff and customers.

Both acrylic sheets (Plexiglas) and polycarbonate sheets (Lexan) can be used to construct these transparent shield guards.

Glass-like clarity and enhanced strength are features of acrylic shields as well as those made of polycarbonate sheets. While the look is reminiscent of clear glass, you don’t have to worry about the sneeze guards breaking and possibly injuring bystanders. In fact Plexiglas and Lexan barriers both offer exceptional features for this application:

•      Smooth surface that is easy to clean and disinfect.

•      Transparency that preserves a welcoming ambiance in

        your store or office.

•      Strong, durable surface that blocks germs and holds up

        well over time.


Those wishing to the construct sneeze shields themselves can purchase everything necessary from the ABC Glass and Mirror shop.

We stock the polycarbonate and acrylic sheets as well as the other parts needed to build and set up the barriers. You simply decide how many shield guards you wish to install, purchase the appropriate items, and then put them together and add them to your registers according to your schedule.

The process for ordering custom plexiglass barriers is equally convenient and hassle free.

We will consult with you over the phone or in person to determine the desired dimensions and features of the polycarbonate or acrylic shields. We will then fabricate your safety glass to your chosen specifications and gather the other necessary components. Installation will be promptly scheduled, and your custom sneeze guards will be put in place by a trained crew.


In the effort to adhere to social distancing guidelines while still providing necessary goods and services, plexiglass shields are a simple and common-sense tool.

With plexiglass partitions in place, your team can see and interact with clientele in the typical manner, but both employees and customers are provided a level of protection by this barricade against germs projected by an unexpected cough or sneeze. Temporary sneeze shields do not permanently change the structure of your counters or desks, and they are easy to remove when no longer needed.

Please give ABC Glass and Mirror a call at (703)257-7150 to learn more about plexiglass shield options or to schedule a free consultation.

We are a local family business that is veteran-owned and deeply committed to customer satisfaction. Our team understands the need for plexiglass shields to maintain safe working and shopping environments. Contact us today for a speedy completion of this project!


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