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Should My Bathroom Match My Bedroom?

Remodeling or redecorating your primary bedroom can be a very rewarding project! It’s a good idea to revamp the en suite bathroom as well, but should the bathroom match the bedroom in terms of color, theme, style, etc? The answer can be summed up as “somewhat,” which may not be particularly helpful. A Home Decor Bliss article takes this approach, You can choose entirely separate colors and themes if you prefer - it’s your house! Totally different approaches can still look splendid, but there is definitely something to be said for the cohesiveness of a unified theme. While I agree that the choice is yours, I’d argue that some level of continuity is usually ideal. Let’s delve into the details of successfully decorating a bedroom with adjoining bathroom.


Tie the Rooms Together with a Common Characteristic

All of that being said, as long as the colors don’t clash you can choose to create continuity using some other commonality. Possibilities include:

  • Natural wood or the same paint color finishes on furniture in both rooms.

  • A repeated texture such as shag rugs, tapestry curtains, or shiplap on the walls.

  • Matching or similar frames on the rooms’ wall hangings.

  • A common theme for the art in both rooms such as floral, coastal, or art deco.

  • Decorating both spaces with something you’ve collected – seashells, vintage vases, antique books, or whatever your hobbies suggest.

  • Decorative wall mirrors of similar styles (antique or standard glass), edgework (beveled or metal-wrapped), or shapes.


Neutrality Makes All of This Easier


There is a lot to be said for using neutral tones on large surfaces and expensive fixtures or furnishings and bringing in bolder colors by way of small, cheaper accents. With regard to the question of matching an en suite bathroom to your bedroom, a neutral base makes everything easier. For example, a bathroom with stone tile will look just fine adjacent to a bedroom with wood floors or gray carpet. Cream, gray, white, or greige walls are a nice backdrop in either space for the wall art or glass display shelves you may wish to add. In cases like this, coordinating the two spaces can be as simple as adding a few accents of the same color and/or theme to both rooms.

Consider a Freer Flow Between the Spaces

If you like the idea of more fully matching the bedroom and bathroom components of your suite, you may want to take it a step further with open concept design. While this look is not for everyone, there are many options for how much or how little you join the two rooms. A few examples will demonstrate this:

  • You could match the rooms’ décor styles and colors and then remove the bathroom door or replace it with one made of glass.

  • Non-load-bearing walls can be replaced with clear or vision obscuring glass partitions as you prefer.

  • If the structure of the space allows, walls can be removed to totally combine the rooms and a frosted or patterned glass privacy screen installed in front of the toilet. 

An open concept suite gives your room a luxury hotel vibe. Just make sure it meets your practical needs and preferences and consider resale appeal if it is not your forever home.


ABC Can Provide the Custom Glass and Mirror

Could the glass or mirror installations we’ve discussed add to the beauty and continuity of your bedroom suite? Give our experienced team a call at (703)257-7150 to discuss these and other custom glass products we offer such as glass shower doors, back painted glass, and cabinet glass.

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