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ABC Can Help You Implement HGTV Bathroom Trends

HGTV’s 2024 Home & Garden Design Trends to Watch for in the New Year includes a number of bathroom design tips. The team at locally owned ABC Glass & Mirror can help you make some of these trending looks your own. Overall, the HGTV piece highlights a continuation of many of the styles we’ve seen emerging over the past few years, including biophilic design and a preference for high quality bespoke pieces as opposed to cheap, mass produced items. We’ll explore some bathroom fashions to consider in your next remodel or glow-up.


Bathroom Inspiration from the Spa

“Spa Bathrooms” are predicted to remain popular as homeowners continue to make this part of the house more than the utilitarian water closet of the past. The enthusiasm for cold plunges and steam rooms plays into what form these upgrades take.


ABC Glass & Mirror can install a glass steam enclosure. One thing needed for a steam shower, is a water resistant enclosure that seals up completely. Our team will work with you to create a custom glass shower that meets your practical needs, works with your bathroom layout, and achieves your design objectives. Key features of a steam enclosure include:


  • Sealing up from floor to ceiling

  • Having an operable transom for steam release


The Appeal of Timeless Quality


“Quiet Luxury” is defined as an approach to home decorating that “stresses buying simple, well-built products that are timeless.”


This trend is not specific to the bathroom, but it can definitely be applied there. ABC Glass & Mirror specializes in helping you upgrade from a mass produced shower curtain or a one size fits all glass shower door kit. When you order a glass shower from ABC, you can:


  • Choose the glass – clear, acid-etched, patterned, tinted, cast

  • Choose the hardware style – various door handles, square or beveled profile for hinges and clamps, etc.

  • Number of panels

  • Angles on the enclosure

The Rise of the Arch

Arches – on doorways and elsewhere – are also predicted to be homeowner favorites. Expect to see variations on the traditional arch as well.


ABC can accommodate this trend through our custom vanity mirrors It could be costly and inconvenient to turn your bathroom doorway into an arch, but it’s easier to swap out your vanity mirror for one in this shape. Alternatively, you could keep your vanity mirror and add an arched mirror elsewhere in the room. Besides standard mirror glass, consider antique style or tinted mirror for a more unique look.


Rooms with a Dual Purpose


ABC Glass & Mirror can help with this in a couple different ways. We offer custom glass shelving that can be installed on your walls or used to refurbish closets and cabinets. Glass screens and room dividers are perfect for making a home office in the corner of your living room or converting part of your basement to a home gym.


Contact ABC Glass & Mirror at (703)257-7150 to learn more and to schedule a free in-home consultation and estimate!

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