Cleaner and Greener: Bathrooms in 2022

This year, our love affair with nature themed décor continues, as does an emphasis on cleanliness and hygiene. However, bathrooms today simultaneously serve as beautiful havens of relaxation and renewal. Let’s delve into how home decorators are combining all these objectives to design stunning and functional bathrooms in 2022.


Greener Bathrooms Are a Win-Win

The green approach to bathroom design takes two main forms: using natural or nature-inspired items and choosing environmentally friendly appliances, fixtures, and materials. Water-saving shower heads, faucets, and toilets are becoming the norm, and many homeowners look for vanities built from recycled  or reclaimed lumber. Bidets and bidet attachments likewise took a dramatic rise in popularity after the toilet tissue shortage and are still valued for reducing paper consumption. As a matter of fact, a number of these eco-conscious upgrades offer the added benefit of lowering your monthly bills – the money you spend on water use or toilet paper, for example.

In terms of aesthetics, this year’s styles lean toward natural stone – such as marble slabs on the shower walls – as well as rich wooden surfaces. Decorators are intentional in choosing a curated variety of textures and shapes in bathroom fixtures and surfaces. Also, shower enclosures tend to be made of clear glass, which showcases rather than hides the patterns, contours, and colors you’ve chosen for the shower’s interior. 

However, one of the easiest ways to embrace this earth-based theme is by simply adding potted plants to your bathroom. Be sure to choose species that will thrive in the moisture and light levels of your particular space. (This House Beautiful article can help you match a plant to your room’s conditions and décor style.) Besides bringing in items and materials that actually come from nature, choose outdoorsy patterns, colors, and motifs. Possibilities include:

  • Peel and stick wall paper with a floral, leaf, or tree print

  • Flowery chintz curtains

  • Nature-inspired blue or green paint, towels, or accessories


“Green” Decorating Comes with Perks


Embracing this natural style doesn’t just bring your bathroom in line with today’s hottest trends. As this Monitor on Psychology article details, real – and even virtual – connection to nature is good for our mental health. Moreover, colors from nature tend to be soothing and relaxing; notice all the blues and greens in this slideshow of calming paint colors. Bottom line? Using live plants, natural wood, colors from outside, and so forth can make your bathroom a more relaxing oasis.

Bathrooms May Be Cleaner than Ever Before

Today’s homeowners also value clean, hygienic spaces with easy to sanitize surfaces. We’ve already mentioned the eco-friendly aspect of bidets, but they’re also valued for reducing potential contact with germs when using the restroom. Likewise, touchless faucets and lights are growing in popularity for the same reason. Moving to larger bathroom appliances, curbless walk-in glass showers are appealing for their accessibility and conformity to universal design principles, but they can also reduce germ spread simply because there is no door to touch. 

You can even adjust your general design choices to make cleaning and sanitizing more convenient. For example, clear and tinted shower glass products have a smooth surface that makes them easier to wash and disinfect than their textured counterparts like patterned and acid-etched glass. In addition, you can have sheets of back painted glass installed as an alternative to tile on shower walls and as a backsplash. The elimination of grout lines means fewer nooks where grime will accumulate AND a smooth surface that is more quickly wiped clean and sanitized. Additional tips for a clean bathroom include:

  • Ensure good air flow through a ventilation system or window.

  • Use an automatic toilet bowl cleaning apparatus.

  • Keep a pack of disinfectant wipes in the vanity cabinet so it’s easy to address soiled areas immediately.

  • Establish a regular weekly cleaning routine.

  • Store toothbrushes inside a cabinet or container.


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