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Southern Living Presents Designers’ Thoughts on 2022 Décor Trends

In a January 2022 piece, Kelsey Mulvey of Southern Living shares the thoughts of 10 home designers who were asked about decorating trends in 2022. As in 2021, the emphasis is on creating a space that is welcoming, soothing, and comfortable. While minimalist spaces probably aren’t going anywhere, there is a strong movement to more colorful and luxurious rooms.


Brown Is the New Gray

Gray-dominated spaces aren’t going anywhere either, but many homeowners are rebelling in favor of a warmer palette. This takes the form of rich colors like chocolate brown and camel, shades that give a room greater richness and depth. With the continuing popularity of gray, chocolate allows a home to stand out and make a more personal statement.


Maximalism Challenges Minimalist Design


Minimalist spaces are also still fairly popular, but not with everyone. More time spent at home has led some of us to prefer spaces that celebrate an abundance of color, texture, and personally meaningful items. Maximalism is, in some ways, a reaction to sterile monochromatic spaces pared down to the bare essentials. If you’ve been itching to load up on bold and beautiful décor, wait no longer.

Blend of Old and New Elements

This year homeowners are also pairing vintage treasures with new custom-made pieces. For example, an heirloom piece of furniture, a quirky flea market find, and a custom item from a local craftsperson can simultaneously add beauty to the same space. This blend of old and new fits in perfectly with today’s emphasis on both sustainability and uniqueness.

As a side note, ABC Glass & Mirror can design and install custom glass creations to pair with your vintage furniture and accessories. Choose to keep a modern flair with clear glass, frameless design, standard mirror glass, etc. or opt for an old-fashioned style with frosted glass, ornate metallic hardware, or antique style mirror glass.


The Rise of the Quiet Room


As quoted in Mulvey’s piece, designer Rachel Cannon has long been emphasizing the need for a “Quiet Room” within the home. The increase in teleworking may actually be ushering in this trend. For introverts in particular, working at home may blur the lines between home and work and make it difficult to unwind and recharge. A space, totally separate from your work area, where you can engage in a hobby, or reflect can help you “achieve your full potential.”

A Celebration of Colors

This year we’re also reacting to the monochromatic white rooms that have held sway in home décor publications for a while now. Bold, rich, dark, many shades are entering home design. Even when a neutral is desired, a warmer hue like cream or beige is often preferred to pure white. At the same time patterns, designs, and playful color combos will also be at work.


Count on the ABC Glass & Mirror team this year and always!

Trends and styles come and go, but you can always count on the ABC Glass & Mirror team for the custom glass and mirror needed to put the perfect finish on your redecorated rooms. Some of our most popular installations include glass shower enclosures, vanity mirrors, glass room dividers, and wall mirrors for home gyms. Call today – (703)257-7150 – to learn more and set up a free consultation and estimate.

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