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Make These Living Room Design Ideas Your Own

Holly Phillips of REAL HOMES shares "13 living room trends" forecast by designers, and we see that home decorators continue to seek usable spaces that offer comfort and a positive vibe. Predicted trends include embracing bold colors, bringing nature indoors, and much more. Three of the most interesting movements are:

  • a blending of modern and rustic elements

  • upcycling rather than replacing furniture

  • creating dedicated rooms rather than one open concept area

You may have already worked with ABC Glass & Mirror when you needed a glass shower or a mirror. However, our team can also help you make these living room design trends a reality in your home. Let’s see how!


Give your room “modern rustic” flair with Crittall style glass.

Crittall style glass really encapsulates the modern rustic living room design trend. It pays tribute to steel framed Crittall windows that have been manufactured in Britain since the 1800’s. In this way it is as much a classic as it is a modern trend. A Crittall style piece will have clear glass, black framing, and some sort of black grille. This type of glass screen is just the ticket for adding modern rustic charm to an ordinary living room. The piece could be purely decorative, or it could mark off a home office, play area, or workout station. It can also be a backdrop for other in-vogue additions such as a potted tree or unique heirloom table.


Improve what you have rather than buying something new.

Another living room design idea highlighted by Phillips is upcycling furniture instead of throwing it out and buying a new item. Glass and mirror are awesome when it comes to transforming or renewing a hutch or cabinet. Check out the possibilities:

  • Replace wooden cupboard door fronts with clear, tinted, frosted or patterned cabinet glass. This change is especially dramatic if you go with clear glass which allows you to show off quaint dishware or other treasures stored in the hutch.

  • Change out wooden shelves for glass shelves. This can be a solution to sagging or cracked shelving or just a way to make the cabinet more attractive.

  • Have custom mirror adhered to the back wall. Use this trick to maximize the impact of whatever you’re displaying in the cabinet. It also makes the whole unit bright, sparkly, and eye-catching – the perfect focal point for a dining room or living room.

Adjust to today’s realities with “dedicated spaces.”

Since so many activities have moved into our homes in the last couple years, open floor plans are losing their appeal for some families. Often, a separate, tidy space is desirable for teleworking, having a Zoom meeting, or taking a virtual class. Activities like working out or crafting require supplies and apparatus that can make your living area look and feel cluttered. Having glass partition walls installed is probably the quickest and simplest way to divide a large great room into smaller rooms with specific functions. Choose clear, obscure, or opaque glass depending on the desired look, degree of privacy, and whether you want light to pass through the dividers. You can also choose frameless, framed, or Crittall style partitions to further tailor the effect to your desired aesthetic.


To learn more about these and other custom glass and mirror design possibilities, we invite you to contact the ABC Glass & Mirror team at (703)257-7150.

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