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Organic Modern Style Is Perfect for Your Updated Bathroom

Organic style is the most popular choice for bathroom design, and its classic qualities make it a wise pick for your next bathroom remodel. Better Homes & Gardens notes the rising popularity of organic style in recent years. Once you learn more about it, we think you’ll understand why. Let’s take a look at what this style consists of and how you can incorporate it into any bathroom.


Traits of Organic Modern Style

Jessica Bennett of Better Homes & Gardens describes “organic modernism, a new twist...that combines natural materials and colors with modern elements for a warm, elegant look.” Characteristics of this design mode as discussed by Bennett include:

  • A blending of “rustic elements and contemporary touches”

  • Simple shapes and smooth lines as the basis of the space

  • Items taken from or inspired by nature

  • A warm color scheme grounded in neutrals

  • Freedom from clutter

  • Live potted plants

To get even more of a feel for what this type of décor entails, check out ACM Interiors’ Pinterest board featuring rooms in the modern organic mode.


Benefits of Organic Modern Style


Organic modern style highlights natural materials and living plants, but it does so against the backdrop of clean lines and peaceful neutrals. This combination gives rooms decorated in this way a very soothing and inviting vibe. Consider the additional perks of organic modernism:

  • This is an environmentally friendly design trend that reduces consumption and waste. You can decorate with living plants, reclaimed lumber, and antique metal curios.

  • It is a very “livable” look. Comfy curved sofas, sturdy farmhouse tables, and the like are at home in the organic style.

  • The calming colors and use of plants make your space a relaxing haven from the busyness of life.

  • Because the style is built upon simple elements and a neutral palette, you can easily alter a room’s look down the road without a major overhaul.

Tips for Making this Style Your Own

Giving your bathroom a makeover or full remodel in this style is easier than you may realize. For starters, think “simple” and “natural” as you choose your basic materials and fixtures. Focus on natural stone, unpainted wood, “living” finishes for hardware, and a blend of straight and curved lines. Seek to create a backdrop of calming neutral tones. Then, choose your accent colors, but keep them rooted in the earth and avoid anything too bright. As you pick accessories and smaller elements like light fixtures and door knobs, strive to showcase a curated blend of modern, rustic, and natural items. For example, you could choose a minimalist frameless glass shower enclosure and pair it with a decorative wall mirror made of “antique” mirror glass wrapped in matte black metal. Sleek glass wall shelves lined with potted plants are another example of the harmonious blending of organic and modern.


For all glass and metal components of a modern organic bathroom, we invite you to work with your hometown glass shop – ABC Glass & Mirror of Manassas Park. Give us a call at (703)257-7150 to set up a free in-home consultation and quote.

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