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3 Kitchen Trends to Look for in 2022 (and how ABC can help you follow them)

Designers, renovators, and home décor enthusiasts analyze trends to predict what looks and styles will be most popular this year. The movement toward making our homes comfortable, soothing, livable, and rooted in nature continues. Let’s look at three specific trends and explore what ABC Glass & Mirror can offer to help you integrate them into your living space.


“Hidden Storage” Options Predicted by Experts

Writing for kitchn, Michelle Lau and L. Daniela Alvarez point out that “designers say that hiding everything away will become increasingly trendy in 2022.” While we can – and often do – reduce clutter and minimize kitchen accessories, we obviously need to hold on to much of what’s found in this room. Today’s solution is to present a neat, minimalist, and soothing ambiance through hidden storage.

There are a number of custom glass products to help you make this trend your own. Rolling “barn style” glass doors aren’t just for showers. Patterned, frosted, or tinted glass doors are perfect for hiding some of the contents of your kitchen. Whether you’re closing off open shelves or simply replacing dated pantry doors, rolling glass doors provide hidden storage AND add beauty to the room. Another option is to replace clear glass cupboard door panels with vision obscuring cabinet glass. Finally, glass possibilities extend beyond doors. Sheets of back painted, frosted, tinted, or patterned glass can also serve as screens or room dividers. Consider this option if you want to visually separate your dining room and kitchen or keep a cluttered corner out of sight.


We Will Be Simplifying and Decluttering this Year


Sophia Mitrokostas of INSIDER announced that, “Visual clutter may be losing its charm.” One manifestation of this is a movement away from webs of grout lines on kitchen backsplashes. In keeping with the hidden storage trend mentioned above, some homeowners are embracing a simple vibe that stays far away from any form of clutter or busyness.

If you, too, want a backsplash that is more simple and streamlined, back painted glass is a wonderful alternative to tile. As its name suggests, this material is basically glass that has been painted on one side. When installed, the bare glass faces outward and is colored by the layer of paint on the back. ABC Glass & Mirror offers stock colors, but we can also special order back painted glass in any desired shade through the use of color matching technology. Appealing features of a glass backsplash include:

  • Smooth, simple surface on which a gridwork of grout lines is replaced by a few unobtrusive caulk joints between large sheets of glass.

  • Flat, uniform exterior that is easy to clean and disinfect.

  • Ability to add a touch of sparkle to your kitchen design.

Open Shelves Continue to Challenge “Hidden Storage”

However, it looks as though there will be a nice variety among the kitchens of 2022. A recent article in The Spruce quotes designer Dana Dayson’s forecast that open shelving will actually have a resurgence of popularity in 2022. She mentions “wine bars” and “coffee stations” as possible locations for open shelving within the kitchen. We imagine that many kitchens will combine both hidden storage and wall shelves: hidden storage for the less attractive stuff like canned food and boxes of noodles and open shelves for things like coffee mugs, wine glasses, and vignettes.

ABC Glass & Mirror offers custom shelving made from clear, frosted, patterned or tinted glass. Like a glass backsplash, glass shelving provides a kitchen surface that doesn’t absorb stains or odors and that can be easily sanitized. Custom shelves and a wide range of hanging/support options allow you to use these just about anywhere you want. If you are looking to supplement cabinets and pantries with shelves, look for unused wall space around doorways, behind the sink, and above kitchen appliances.


Call ABC for Help Updating Your Space

Bringing your kitchen in line with today’s styles AND your needs and preferences is easy when you choose custom glass by ABC. Give our team a ring at (703)257-7150 to set up a free in-home consultation and estimate with a glass expert!

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