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Beveled mirrors offer a look that “fits” in any space!

Functional, versatile, and visually appealing, beveled mirrors can be used everywhere from above the vanity to on a wall in your company’s boardroom.  Beveled mirrors from ABC Glass and Mirror allow you to bring your décor vision to reality because each item is fully customizable and can be designed to accommodate structural irregularities.  Consider beveled mirrors from ABC whenever you need more mirror space or would like to dress up a bare wall.

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You may be wondering what sets beveled mirrors apart from their counterparts.

On a regular mirror, the surface is the same all the way across – uniformly flat from one edge to the other. A beveled mirror, on the other hand, is specially cut so that the glass angles down in a consistent bevel around the mirror’s perimeter.  This contour gives the mirror a subtle border and a nice finished look, so a beveled mirror offers you a dressier style while keeping the mirror glass front and center.  If you want an unframed mirror that’s a bit more decorative, try a beveled mirror.

The ABC team can create beveled mirrors in a variety of shapes such as:

  • Rectangle

  • Square

  • Oval

  • Circular

You also have a range of options when it comes to the size of the mirror, and we can further tailor it to your needs by adding cutouts.  Thus, outlets and light switches do not have to restrict the size of your beveled mirror; our glaziers can cut out voids in the glass, so that the mirror can be installed over these fixtures.  Last but not least, we ensure a good fit for your new mirror by checking for issues like corners that are out of square and then taking these into account as we fabricate your custom mirror.


Beveled mirrors look great in just about any room, but the most popular placements include:

  • Beveled vanity mirrors: Perhaps you need a large rectangular mirror over the double vanity in your master bath or a beveled oval mirror for the powder room.

  • Full length beveled mirrors: Adding full length mirrors to bedrooms makes them more functional and choosing beveled mirrors adds beauty to bare wall space.

  • A beveled wall mirror in the entryway: A decorative mirror makes a wonderful entryway wall hanging because it is neutral, helps the space feel larger, and serves a useful purpose by allowing family members to check hairstyle, make-up etc., one last time before they go out the door.

Beveled mirrors can be installed on your walls in a few different ways.  Mirrors that are flat across the bottom – square and rectangular mirrors – rest on a surface such as trim, L-bar, or J-channel.  At the same time, these mirrors are directly adhered to the wall with mirror mastic.  On the other hand, mirrors with a curved edge – oval and circular mirrors – are attached with screws going through clear plastic clips.

Learn more about beveled mirrors and how they might be the perfect fit for your space by calling ABC Glass and Mirror at 703-257-7150.  Speak with one of our in-house glaziers or schedule a free in-home consultation and estimate!

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