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Ready to order the mirror?


Mirrored walls can be integrated into just about any décor scheme, and they have the power to truly transform your living space!

If you’re ready to cover a wall with mirror glass, team up with ABC Glass & Mirror for the quality, expertise, and courteous service your project deserves. Our team can work with very large sheets of mirror glass, and we also provide small mirrors in stock and custom sizes. So whether you prefer a seamless mirrored wall or a tiled look, we can work with you to create the desired effect.


It’s important to work with trusted professionals when creating a mirrored wall because properly fitting mirrors are vital to the overall look. Many homes include small structural irregularities which make it hard to attractively install a stock sized mirror. However, ABC glaziers make a detailed inspection of the walls and take exact measurements. This data is then used to cut your mirrors to the exact dimensions needed for a proper fit.


Mirrored walls are visually appealing and can enhance a variety of rooms:

A mirrored wall creates the illusion of space and visually expands a small room.


Mirrored walls can give your home gym a professional look and provide you with a tool for checking form and monitoring progress.


Mirrored walls can brighten and dress up just about any space in your house!


Customers can choose either polished or beveled edges when creating mirrored walls. On a polished edge mirror, the entire surface of the mirror is flat and level, and the edges are machine-polished to a safe and aesthetically pleasing degree of smoothness. The edges of the surface of a beveled mirror are cut to gently angle down to a thin polished edge.  In addition, we offer mirror with metal trim around the perimeter.


If a “seamless” look is desired, we will cover the wall using as few separate pieces of mirror glass as possible. We can supply and install very large mirrors, such as 60” x 120”. In fact, what usually limits the mirror size is the access to the room – the mirror has to fit through the door!  If a tiled effect is preferred, your wall can be covered with numerous small mirrors.


Additionally, ABC offers diverse installation methods for your mirrored wall. Most mirrors are attached to the wall with glue called mastic. This strong adhesive keeps the mirror in place, but the weight of the mirror glass also needs to be supported from below.  At times, mirror glass extends almost to the floor and rests on the trim. When this is not desirable, we install L-bar or J-channel at the appropriate height and rest the mirror on this. L-bar yields a frameless look, while J-channel leaves a thin metal strip visible along the lower edge of the wall mirror.


Most of the time, 1/4” thick mirror glass is utilized for mirrored walls.

For installations where weight is of special concern, ABC Glass & Mirror also offers 1/8″ and 3/16″ mirror glass.  This thinner glass is lighter, which makes it suitable for applications where the mirror is being attached to a less hardy structure.  For example, 3/16″ would be the best choice for mirror-covered sliding closet doors.

Pro Tips for Decorating with Wall Mirrors

Wall mirrors add brilliance and visual appeal to any space. Here are some ways to be intentional about the dimensions and placement of your frameless mirrors:


•     Create a reflective wall by installing several large mirrors adjacent to one another.

•     Have numerous small mirrors installed in a “mosaic” style or to form a pattern. 

•     Use the mirror to make the room seem larger by stationing it opposite the room’s 



•     Hang the wall mirror where it will reflect a special piece of art or furniture or the view 

      through a picture window.


Frameless Mirrors from Wall to Wall

Let ABC Glass & Mirror professionally install your mirror project.  A mirror specialist will come to your home or building to take the necessary measurements so we can fabricate the mirrors to the precise dimensions needed. Two installation options are available:


Entire wall installation: We install mirror glass wall to wall to completely cover a wall from one side to the other and/or from floor to ceiling as desired. There are minimal gaps between the mirror and the adjoining surfaces (approximately 1/8 of an inch).


Wall with border installation: Mirrors are installed to cover most of the wall but stop short of one or more edges leaving gaps of your chosen widths. Both methods give you a beautiful mirror wall. The price point is somewhat higher for entire wall installation because this is more labor intensive.


Contact ABC Glass and Mirror at 703-257-7150 and set up your free in-home mirror consultation.  Our team will work with you every step of the way, from choosing your mirrors through installation and completion of the project.  For quality service you can count on, choose ABC!

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