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Ready to get your replacement glass?


ABC Glass and Mirror may be able to save you money if you have damaged glass in a door or window

Save you money by replacing just the damaged glass. So if a cracked piece of glass on your door or a fogged window pane is detracting from the ambiance of your home, take the first step toward resolving the issue today.  Call ABC Glass and Mirror, a respected local company with quality products, friendly customer service, and professional installation.  One of our knowledgeable glaziers will stop by, inspect the problem, discuss options, answer questions, and provide an estimate – all free of charge. 

Just call 703-257-7150 and we’ll schedule your complimentary glass consultation!

Your journey to revitalized windows and doors starts with the free consultation described above.

Our glass professional will inspect the damaged glass and ascertain if just the glass can be replaced, and it usually can.  You will select your replacement glass, and careful measurements will be taken by our technician.  We will order your glass and, when it arrives, call you to schedule the installation.  Your new glass will be professionally installed, and your window or door will be refreshed with the beauty of the new glass.

Several aspects of a home can benefit from replacement glass, and these include windows, entry doors, and patio doors.

  • A window that has a cracked or chipped panel is unattractive and can be a safety and security concern. Moreover, it can contribute to higher energy costs by letting in cold air in the winter and hot air in the summer.  Replacing the damaged piece of glass restores the appearance and functionality of the window.

  • We all want the entrance to our residence to be pleasant and welcoming, but defective glass can reduce the appeal of an entry door. However, with ABC Glass and Mirror’s replacement glass, you can resolve this by getting a new panel of glass, not an entire door.

  • Patio doors are often primarily composed of glass, so a break or crack is a real problem. The good news is that you can return even your patio doors to their original beauty with quality replacement glass!


Some fantastic options are available when you get your replacement glass from ABC Glass and Mirror.

Clients who are seeking energy-saving features can opt for glass with Low-E coating.  This stands for low-emissivity and refers to a coating that is put on the glass to reduce energy loss.  In addition, we offer glass with Argon gas between the panes, which increases the windows R-Value (ability to insulate).  You can also opt for tempered glass on installations that have a higher risk of being damaged – patio doors, for instance.  Choose from these great options and let your replacement glass help you meet your safety and energy efficiency goals.

Most commonly, clear replacement glass is needed, and this is something we definitely supply and install.

Furthermore, patterned glass can be selected if privacy is a concern or if you are seeking a distinctive look.  In addition, acid-etched replacement glass can be ordered.  This glass has a frosted look and is often used on front doors.  With ABC Glass and Mirror you have a variety of options to choose from, and we will do our best to match your existing glass.

With ABC, replacement glass is available in a variety of thicknesses.  The structure of your window or door will dictate the thickness to a certain point.  However, there are often a couple choices that will fit, allowing you to select the thickness that is best for your needs and budget.  The available thicknesses include –

  • 1/16″ (Single Strength)

  • 1/8″ (Double Strength)

  • 3/16″

  • 1/4″


Don’t wait any longer to repair damaged windows and doors.

Call 703-257-7150 to learn more about replacement glass, a money saving option from a family-owned and operated company.  ABC Glass and Mirror brings years of experience and high quality products to your project, so call today.

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