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Replacement glass from ABC Glass and Mirror is the answer for many single pane window and door problems.

Could one or more of your single pane windows and/or doors use some sprucing up? Are they marred by cracked or chipped panels of glass? Or has part of a window pane or door pane been completely shattered? If you answered “yes” to any or all of these, know that you probably do not need to replace the entire window or door. That’s right, with the help of ABC Glass and Mirror, you can resolve these problems by replacing only the damaged pieces of glass and not the complete window or door. To facilitate this, we would be happy to stop by, ascertain whether replacement glass will work in your situation, provide information, and give you an estimate – for free. Call us at 703-257-7150 to set this up.

You want the new piece of glass to fit properly in your single pane window or door, and we are here to help. Your window and/or door will be carefully inspected and measured to ensure that the correct glass is ordered. Our replacement glass is available in a variety of thicknesses from about 1/16” to 1/4”. To a certain degree, the thickness is dictated by the window/door dimensions and type, but you often have a couple workable options from which to choose. With the help of an experienced glazier, you can select the perfect pieces of replacement glass.

In an effort to meet customers’ needs, we offer several types of replacement glass. The most common is, of course, clear glass. However, we can also provide patterned glass, which is an excellent choice for applications where privacy is an issue. Furthermore, acid-etched glass is also available. This type of glass has a frosted look and also provides a level of privacy. With these different options, you should be able to get replacement glass that matches your existing glass.

To help cut energy costs, consider Low-E for your single pane replacement glass.

This refers to low-emissivity and is achieved by applying a special coating to the surface of the glass. Depending on the application, this coating either absorbs or reflects heat energy to reduce heating/cooling bills. Learn more about this money saving option at your free consultation!


Some patio doors are composed of multiple sections of single pane glass.

If you have a door like this and one or more sections need to be replaced, give some thought to tempered glass. Patio doors can be in more danger of being bumped, struck, or slammed, and the sharp edges of broken glass are a safety concern. If tempered glass breaks, it does not fracture into hazardous pieces and slivers of glass; it simply shatters into much smoother, pebble-like fragments. Furthermore, tempered glass is significantly less likely to be broken in the first place.

Revitalize your home’s appearance by making the needed repairs to your single pane windows and doors.

High-quality products and an expert glass crew from ABC Glass and Mirror are just what you need for a hassle-free project that is completed to your total satisfaction. Get started on the road toward beautiful windows and/or doors by calling us at 703-257-7150 to arrange your complimentary estimate and glass consultation!


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