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Ready to order your Glass Partition for Office?


Business and office partitions don’t have to be unattractive fixtures that drag down your building’s décor.

Glass partitions from ABC Glass and Mirror offer an appealing alternative to less stylish dividers and screens.  You can work with our team to design custom partitions that meet your office’s practical need for divided space while improving its ambiance and overall atmosphere.  Discover all the possibilities by scheduling a free consultation at your business location.  One of our glass experts will visit you to discuss glass partition options, show you samples, and address any questions you may have.  Call the ABC shop today at 703-257-7150!

Working with ABC allows your business to order office partitions that are tailored to your specific space.

We do not try to make stock sized sheets of glass “fit;” instead our team takes precise measurements, checks for irregular surfaces, and designs partitions with dimensions that are customized to your room.  Furthermore, our selection of glass partitions includes many variables that allow you to personalize the look and feel of your dividers.  These include:

  • Level of Transparency

  • Colors and Patterns

  • Presence or Absence of Framing

  • Framing Color or Finish

  • Type of Glass

Contact us today to learn more and discover what glass partitions can offer your business or office building.

The style of glass used to construct your partitions is determined by their primary purpose.  Clear glazing is utilized when you need to delineate particular areas but wish to preserve an open feel and design.  However, along with the need for physical borders, many businesses wish to create at least some degree of privacy between cubicles and offices.  Possibilities range from glass that merely obscures visibility to totally opaque glazing that creates a completely secluded space.  ABC offers glass styles in the following categories:

  • Clear – Standard or Low-Iron

  • Tinted – Bronze or Gray

  • Patterned – Wide Selection of Textured Designs

  • Acid-Etched – Completely “Frosted” or an Etched Design

  • Back-Painted – Available in stock colors or any custom color you want.

We also offer partitions made of clear or opaque colored Plexiglas.  This durable acrylic product is a wise choice for partitions in high-activity spaces such as daycares, preschools, and fitness centers.  With clear Plexiglas, you can achieve a glass-like appearance with an appealing boost in safety and durability, while opaque colored Plexiglas offers you creative options for adding privacy to different areas of a room.


Glass partitions can be frameless for a simple look with fresh, modern vibes.

Frameless glass brings contemporary elegance to any business and is one of the most visually appealing ways to divide office space.  Our frameless partitions can be secured to existing walls or installed from floor to ceiling to function as walls in their own right.

Framed partitions are also available, and these offer a harmonious blend of glass and metal elements.  You can tailor them to your décor scheme through your choice of finish for the frame.  Possibilities include:

  • Anodized Clear

  • Dark Bronze

  • Light Bronze

  • Black

  • Stainless (Brushed or Polished)

  • Painted

Choose from our many options in framing, glass style, and dimensions to create the perfect glass partitions for your office or other business.  Give us a call today – 703-257-7150!

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