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Rely on ABC for all your glass shelving needs!

Owners of homes and businesses love glass shelves for the combination of appealing features they offer. Basically, glass shelving represents a unique blend of aesthetic appeal and practicality. It is an item that allows a homemaker or commercial decorator to create storage solutions while enhancing a room’s visual appeal.


Glass shelving is also a superb choice for applications involving the exhibition of artwork, collectibles, awards, and so on. It keeps your valued pieces front and center while bringing the beauty and freshness of glass to the display. Call for a free glass shelving consultation today – 703-257-7150.

Your glass shelving from ABC Glass and Mirror will be custom cut, which means that you have options when it comes to the length and depth of your shelves.

Moreover, you can order shelves of various lengths and depths for use in different areas or to create eye-catching arrangements of shelves on your walls. Not only can we hang glass shelves on the walls of your residence or commercial building, but we can install them in closets and cabinets. Useful in so many ways, glass shelving has something to offer your space!

The theme and color scheme of your room determine the most appropriate glass shelving style. To make it easier for each customer to find the perfect shelves for a particular project, ABC brings you choices when it comes to the appearance of the glass used for your shelving system. Possibilities include:

  • Clear Glass

  • Acid-Etched (“Frosted”) Glass

  • Patterned Glass (Textured Glass)

Popular residential applications for glass shelves include:

  • Living room wall shelves to display art, collectibles, or knick-knacks.

  • Dining room shelves for extra storage of dishware.

  • Open shelving in the kitchen.

  • Shelves in the bathroom or shower stall for storage of toiletry items.

  • Replacement shelves for cabinets, cupboards, and bookcases.

Glass shelves are also utilized in offices and commercial settings:

  • As part of a product display.

  • To showcase awards and trophies.

  • In bookcases.

  • For attractive storage of office supplies.


Standard annealed glass is often used for shelves, but ABC Glass and Mirror understands that some situations require a more durable material.

This is why we also offer two options for shelves in high-risk areas:

  • Tempered Glass – This glass has been heated and then cooled, a process which gives it enhanced integrity and alters the way it reacts if a fracture does occur. The likelihood of the shelves being broken is thus significantly reduced, and if a tempered glass shelf is damaged, the glass will divide into small chunks that are easier to clean and safer to deal with than normal shards.

  • Laminated Glass – Glass of this kind looks about the same as any other glass, but it is really composed of three layers: two layers of glass with vinyl in the middle. Both glass layers are attached to the vinyl. On a practical level, this means that the glass will remain adhered to the vinyl even if it is fractured.

If you need fire rated glass installed, we hope you will call us at 703-257-7150 to get details on the various options, important product considerations, pricing, and more. Remember that your initial glass conference and estimate cost nothing and provide you with a great opportunity to get your questions answered. Fire rated glass from a reliable, family-owned company – ABC Glass and Mirror – is a smart choice for Northern Virginia businesspersons!

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