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Home Office Partitions

Glass home office partitions make it easy to create a separate work station within a larger room. Working from home is always better when you have a dedicated work space, but not everyone has a room that can be requisitioned and remodeled as an office. This is where glass can make such a difference. In addition, glass opens up tons of options for both design and practical features.

In what parts of the house are glass home office partitions used?

Home office partitions can be installed just about anywhere, but some popular applications are:

  • To wall off part of a living room as a space for teleworking

  • When you want to create a private office area within a bedroom

  • For transforming part of a finished or unfinished basement into a work station

  • To repurpose a dining room or family room corner as a home office


Glass partitions are sometimes preferable to drywall because they can be quickly installed by glass professionals, they can be customized to your taste, and they are much easier to move or remove if your needs change in the future.


What types of home office partitions are available?

Home office partitions can be grouped into three general categories: screens, room dividers, glass wall systems. 

  • Screens – At times, only a single piece of glass is needed. For instance, if you have your desk in the corner of a living room, the addition of a screen may provide the privacy you need while keeping you connected to other activities at the house.

  • Room dividers – In other instances, working from home requires a greater degree of separation from the surrounding activities. Multiple panels of glass can be installed to totally divide your work space from the room around it.

  • Glass wall systems – Finally, when space allows, an office with all glass walls can be created within a large open room, such as a basement.

How can home office partition designs be tailored to my needs?

Home office partitions can be built from various thicknesses of glass, but this is just the beginning. Glass panels can extend from the floor to the ceiling or be short walls, often known as “pony walls.” Glass room dividers and wall systems can have:

  • Open entryways

  • Single swinging doors

  • Double swinging doors (French doors)

  • Sliding glass doors

A homeowner can also choose the dimensions of the glass panels and the angles at which they meet each other and/or existing walls.


Can the appearance of home office partitions also be customized?

Absolutely! For starters, glass partitions can be constructed from frameless glass or built from glass with aluminum framing around it. On framed partitions, there are various options for the thickness and finish of the framing. In addition, you can choose black framed clear glass panels with a grille-work of black ceramic frit on its surface – Crittall style glass.

Frameless and framed home office partitions can be built from many different types of glass:

  • clear

  • ultra-clear

  • acid-etched

  • patterned

  • tinted

  • back-painted

Transparent glass delineates your office space but keeps visual continuity that’s helpful if you want to keep an eye on your kids while you work or preserve your home’s open feel. Acid-etched, patterned, and tinted glass give you more privacy but still let light through. Back painted glass is opaque and offers full privacy.


Count on ABC Glass & Mirror for customized home office partitions designed to your specifications and installed by trained crews – (703)257-7150!

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