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Wine Cellar Partitions

Glass wine cellar partitions are an excellent choice for creating a home wine storage area because they allow your collection of fine vintages to double as a beautiful décor element. Moreover, glass can be cut to precise specifications to optimize your available space and create your desired design. You can also pick from a wide selection of glass types, hardware styles, and hardware finishes for the perfect wine cellar!

What are some possible glass wine cellar configurations?

Glass allows you to construct a wine cellar in just about any area of your home. Glass walls can extend out from an existing wall; the space under a stairway can be enclosed; a corner can be walled off with glass; a free-standing glass room can be built inside a larger space. Wine cellar partitions are commonly installed at right angles to one another and to the adjacent walls. However, unique designs and angles greater or less than 90 degrees are also possible.


How are doors integrated into wine cellar partitions?

Swinging glass doors are the perfect partner for wine cellar partitions. The door panels are either attached to an adjacent glass panel with glass-to-glass hinges or to an adjoining wall with wall mount hinges. A third options is to use pivot hinges which attach the door to surfaces above and below it to form a point from which it can pivot open and closed.  However they are hinged, these easy to use doors allow you to close your cellar as desired and readily access your wines when it’s time to enjoy them.

What hardware is used with glass wine cellar partitions?

Besides the hinges mentioned above, glass wine cellars will include other metal components that provide structure and stability. Homeowners can choose frameless or framed design for a wine storage room. When frameless glass is used, you will see caulk joints and small metal clips joining glass to glass and other surfaces. When metal framing is used, there are various options for its thickness and finish. For instance matte black metal framing paired with clear glass is a popular look today. Last but not least, you will also choose a door handle to complete the design.


Are there different glass options for wine cellar partitions?

Most home wine cellars are built from clear glass. When homeowners wish to reduce the greenish coloration around glass edges, low-iron glass (also known as “ultra-clear”) is a desirable upgrade. However, acid-etched (frosted) glass as well as many types of patterned glass can also be used.

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